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Equitas Sponsors The Global Summit on Mental Health Culture Change




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Watch: Prince William and Lady Gaga discuss mental health culture change #oktosay.

About Us

Our Mission

Locally and nationally, our behavioral health and justice systems are strained, inefficient, and tangled up – neither justice nor health is as well served as we need them to be, and our individual and community prosperity and wellbeing suffer from the economic and human costs of this poor coordination of resources, intelligence, practice, and policy.

We believe that greater public awareness and strategic local and national discussions are vital to making continuous improvement in our culture and system of behavioral health and justice, and to putting an end to mass incarceration and the criminalization of vulnerability.

What We Do

By supporting efforts to raise public awareness and implement sensible programming and policy, and through convening influential allies locally and nationally, Equitas focuses collective problem-solving energy on managing mental and behavioral health challenges, and other challenges stemming from hidden disabilities and disadvantages. Furthermore, we support efforts that ensure society does not default to the criminal justice system.